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fausse canada goose pas cher Political Thread 19 fausse canada goose pas cher

canada goose homme The individual who creates a Post (hereafter “The Poster”) is solely responsible for that Post’s content. The Poster is not responsible for content linked to outside of the realm of this forum unless the poster created and/or maintains the content of the linked information. Posts do not carry the endorsement of The Group and should not be interpreted as such. Flame wars are not permitted. Punishment for non compliance may be severe, cruel, unusual, and/or inhumane. There is no obligation to read and/or write Posts. There is no obligation to respond to a Post. There is no official language in this thread. [18], [17], [16], [15], [14], [13], [12], [11], [10], [9], [8], [7], [6], [5], [4], [3], [2], [1]. Rice is a long time associate of both Presidents Bush. She was instrumental in formulating foriegn policy and has, in fact, worked for the United States in one capacity or another since the Carter administration. canada goose homme

The fact that she and the President agree on foreign policy is more a matter of parallel core values than political expediency. The President trusts her, which is why any President would hire a Cabinet level advisor. Attorney Carol Lam’s performance in prosecuting serious border crimes were bipartisan, substantive and long standing. attorney about border crimes more than three years ago after learning from a reporter that her office had declined to prosecute an alien smuggler apprehended while transporting a car loaded with undocumented immigrants near Temecula. The smuggler, Antonio Amparo Lopez, had attempted to escape the arresting Border Patrol agents and, upon capture, the Border Patrol learned that the smuggler had 21 known aliases and had been arrested and deported more than 20 times without ever having been prosecuted.

I sought information from sources in the Border Patrol, and others in the law enforcement community, about what was really happening with border prosecutions. attorney who had pulled back from prosecuting all but the most egregious smuggling cases.

canada goose solde Border Patrol agents were forced to accept a reality in which smugglers knew what they could get away with. A smuggler knew he could drive a van full of illegal immigrants across the border without fear of any consequence other than being sent back to Mexico to try again. Smugglers who were American citizens faced no consequences at all. The threat of prosecution was a joke unless the smuggler brought a dozen or more illegal immigrants across the border at the same time or somebody literally died. canada goose solde

canada goose pas cher Last July, San Diego Border Patrol Sector Chief Darryl Griffen expressed concerns about changes made to prosecutorial policies related to smugglers in front of a bipartisan House panel. âFoot guides are the foot soldiers for the criminal cartels that traffic cargo, narcotics and contraband across our border,â said Griffen who explained how Lam’s policies reduced prosecutions of foot guides from 367 in one fiscal year to only five under the new policy in the following year. âWhat would happen then, we would apprehend people that were guiding people across the country, many times at risk. And without meeting prosecution guidelines, they were simply voluntarily returning back to Mexico where they could continue to conduct illicit activity. There is no level of consequences,â Griffen stated. canada goose pas cher

canada goose outlet In June 2006, California Sen. Attorney’s Office Southern District of California appear to lag behind…. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California may have some of the most restrictive prosecutorial guidelines nationwide for immigration cases, such that many Border Patrol agents end up not referring their cases. Attorney’s Office, which felt that prosecutorial resources should focus almost exclusively on the Canada Goose Pas Cher kingpins of smuggling cartels and other organizations, and Department of Homeland Security officials who viewed the prosecution of lesser foot soldiers as a critical part to breaking these criminal organizations. canada goose outlet

canada goose france In August, former Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner, R Wis., and I had consecutive meetings with the Border Patrol’s Griffen and Lam about this subject. attorney to focus more resources in a way advocated by those guarding the border, we were rebuffed as she continued to defend her strategies and policies for border prosecutions. attorney and the career prosecutors who successfully prosecuted Randy âDukeâ Cunningham deserve full credit for their work. It is a high profile achievement that speaks well of her leadership, and I am sure that there are many others. However, in an area adjacent to the border, the consequences of border crime are real and serious, as were the faults in policies Lam adopted that barred the prosecution of most cases. attorney’s performance. Last summer, these efforts began to pay dividends as the Department of Justice announced the addition of Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher 35 new prosecutors to border region offices such as San Diego who will focus exclusively on alien smuggling and other border crimes. attorney will go through the Senate confirmation process as it should. attorney focuses on both border crimes and other critical cases here in the San Diego area. Attorney in California’s Southern District. Because she faithfully honors a Justice Department tradition of silence, no one can be sure why she’s leaving. She’s not talking about it. canada goose france

But what an exit line she gave us Tuesday with those eleventh hour indictments. It was worthy of Charles Dickens, who sent Sidney Carton to the guillotine saying, âIt is a far better thing I do than I Doudoune Canada Goose have ever done… attorney took an action widening the net that snared San Diego’s Rep. Randy âDukeâ Cunningham. Her swan song racked up three more suspected miscreants. The homegrown CIA biggie, Kyle Foggo, added colorful icing on the cake. But the most important new action, by far, was against defense contractor Brent Wilkes. It was this man’s bribe money that cemented the government case against Cunningham. But Wilkes himself was left free as a bird. Lam staffers, certain that a guy who has lived spectacularly high on the hog will aim to avoid a prolonged diet of prison food, are now positioned to bargain a plea agreement. They’ll likely propose easing his sentence as a swap for information that will help hook bigger fish.

Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher A couple of upstate congressmen, known to have done cash and carry business with Wilkes, may now feel understandable trepidation. attorneys? No one, it seems, feels required to say. Only one of the seven, New Mexico’s David Iglesia, demanded to be told why he canada goose france was terminated, but got no explanation. Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher

canada goose outlet france Custom holds that federal prosecutors serve âat the pleasure of the president,â who is free to appoint or remove them without explanation. Yet the Justice Department has shown itself pretty touchy about these most recent switches. Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty seemed shaken before the Senate Judiciary Committee. New York’s hard charging Sen. Charles E. Schumer had wondered aloud if the hiring and firing of prosecutors reflected politics, rather than prudence. canada goose outlet france

âWhen I hear you talk about the politicizing of the Department of Justice, it’s like a knife in my heart,â McNulty stammered. Perhaps this sensitive fellow should seek a gentler assignment, sparing him the hostility he and others will face if we don’t get a fuller explanation of what Justice is up to.

canada goose site officiel The only hint offered thus far for the change in San Diego has been that the local office seemed so absorbed with corruption cases that it has been less aggressive than certain lawmakers might have wished against illegal immigration and border smuggling. North County Republican Rep. Darrell Issa spoke approvingly of the Lam ouster. canada goose site officiel

The case against her? Well, something called the Transactional Records Clearinghouse, operating out of Syracuse University, finds that in 2001, its last year before Carol Lam took charge, the San Diego office filed nearly one third more border related cases than it managed under her leadership in 2005, the last full year on which records are complete.

canada goose femme So she flunks the bureaucratic bean counter test? I know at least one person who fervently wishes government prosecutors had spent more time in pursuit of border brigands, and had left him alone â” to wit, âTop Gunâ Cunningham, currently ensconced under minimum security in Tucson. canada goose femme

It might seem rash to accuse Bush administration masterminds of pulling political strings, but nothing surfacing thus far discourages skepticism. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ child like mantra, âat the pleasure of the president,â rings hollow. Let’s nail this idea that the president â” any president â” handpicks the dozens of lawyers in line for prosecutorial slots across the land. He’s not likely to know even the names of most. Recommendation for appointments is usually left to senators of the president’s party. Inasmuch as both California senators are presently Democrats, Bush has relied on a selection system said to be headed by the veteran Rancho Santa Fe Republican politico and presidential insider Gerald Parsky.

Canada Goose Homme Solde Parsky is astute enough to know that the way this switch has been managed so far adds up to abysmally bad politics. It suggests that public corruption, which figured so prominently in last year’s election outcome, might no longer concern us. Are we to suppose that Congressman Cunningham was a lone stroller on his path to perdition? Canada Goose Homme Solde

We may soon know better â” and only, perhaps, because Carol Lam refused to fold her tent as many expected her to do.

September 24, 2013

Deputy Attorney General Paul J

fausse canada goose pas cher Political Thread 19 fausse canada goose pas cher canada goose homme The individual who creates a Post (hereafter “The Poster”) is […]
September 23, 2013

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