In 2010, Rogers Ofime made pioneering efforts at Native Media, a television and film production company that has created content for movies, telenovelas, sitcoms, short films, documentaries, and TV commercials. On the team are the finest creatives that have consistently churned out award-winning content that exceeded the expectations of millions of viewers across Africa. Aside from film and TV production, at Native Media, Ofime’s team of professionals engage in production crew recruitment, training, and mentorship, content development and assessment, production support, and management. Under Rogers Ofime’s leadership and tutelage as Executive Producer, Native Media has gone to make several classics including Oloibiri, Hush, The Johnsons, Voiceless, Hotel Majestic, and many more. Some of the productions of Native Media streaming on Netflix include The Mystic River, Oloibiri, and Voiceless. The production company has recorded critical and commercial success on all productions. Ofime believes in investing in the next generation as a way to give back and support new entrants into the industry. He has mentored tens of young producers and has used his platform to promote exceptional talents within the industry.

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